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Welcome to Star Makers International

Congratulations, you have arrived at our exclusive site that will provide you with tools and resources to become a STAR!
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Naza is an established and well knowned artist in Florida

Visit her web site

Maria & Her art work.

Maria Slovakova

Interview with Maria

Question: Can you tell us where were you born and a little background of how you got to where you are.

Answer: I was born in central Slovakia while it was still part of Czechoslovakia. This is the second time I live in England. I moved to Harrogate in March 2005 as I wanted to live in an English speaking country where I could have a legal status(Slovakia is now a member of Europian Union, so I can be a resident in the UK). I lived on tourist visa all my adult life, no work permits or other kind of statuswith my passport there was no other way

Question: What got you to start in your drawings or art work?

Answer: I sketch pretty much at all times. If I am not able to draw, I paint or write or sing. All is documented on paper, Word files, photos or sound recordings. When I prepare a show I go through the entire sketch files and select the basics to develop the work. Many times I directly create series in sketch and come back to them later. I like the ideas to ripen and its really rare that I present freshly conceived ones. When I select a subject for a show, I do research for it gets accompanied by a statement and the opening reflects nature of the exhibited pieces. At the opening receptions I always present theatre pieces, music or film specially created for the given occasion. With writing, I work on it all parallelI go back to files in my computer, some of it takes years, some of it takes minutes.

Question: Who are the biggest influences for your art work?

Answer: Its all based on a moment when I a 5 year old asked me to explain a painting I was working onit was all geometric and abstract, complicated teenage thoughts behind it. I could not answer him. I felt odd. I spent months on that piece and I had no words good enough to back it up. So I made a decision that moment that I will work with images I understand and relate to. I cant really tell who or what influences me. I love art of others, I love nature. I titled series of my shows Recycled Reality Unlimited. I guess that is my biggest influence. What goes on around me. And what sleeps inside. All my sketches are spontaneous. I rarely work on request

Question: What do you want to do most?

Answer: I would like to start reproducing my work into merchandise and apply it to things of daily useI started working with a very talented graphic designer and a photographer Edhem Foric on taking my work to another level. I have a concept of kids room with all that belongs there in mind, I did the first sketches already

I would love to challenge myself to make a movie that I have in mind for few years now, it combines all my interestsit would be a mixture of 2D animation and acting, sound mixes and paintingsI have 4 characters developed in detail already, few scenes written but this one will take few years to complete, because I dont want to waste the idea. Large scale paintings. (Thats already happening twice this year, I should be going to Serbia to do another mural and I am doing a live painting appearance at a big summer festival in Slovakia in July)

Question: What do you want to happen in your life?

Answer: I would like to be able to achieve financial independenceand the source be my art. I am still a morning cleaner to pay the bills on time. I really would like to be able to sell enough work to relax

Question: Who is your most inspiration person?

Answer: My mother, she was an amazing woman, she was crippled(hunchback) but a smile never left her face. she was the kindest person who regardless of her physical condition always beamed with positive energy. In workthere are so manyhard to choose. There were and are so many amazing people to admire. I really like quotes of Albert Einstein, teachings of Sogyal Rinpoche to name a couple. I really love work of Tom Barman who is a Belgian man who is a filmmaker, amazing musician and a singer in dEUS, Magnus and I really find the lyrics he writes big source of inspiration ever since I first encountered his work. I became even more impressed after I have met him and talked to him for a while in Switzerland.

Thank you for your time and insight into your life Maria.

You are very welcome.

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